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Nasdu Level 2 and Level 3 Course

Dog Handler Course

We are one of the few training providers that can train and licence security dog teams to the current National Association of Security Dog Users level 3 programme. We assess your team’s ability and will where possible push you to be the very best you can be. We know that the security industry is flooded with teams but to stand out amongst the crowd, know that what you are capable of is so much more than the minimum standard is something to be proud of. We excel using the current NPCC and NaCTAS police training programme being fortunate enough to have our head trainer as a current police dog handler and instructor means that you get the most up to date, realistic training available. We don’t just train the dog, we train the team.

NASDU Awareness Programme

This Awareness Programme has been developed by NASDU to meet the needs of Security Supervisors whilst carrying out supervisory visits on Security Dog Teams, it is not designed to teach an individual to be a Supervisor or Assessor, but as Continuous Personal Development (CPD) to existing supervisory skills and qualifications. This Awareness Programme meets the requirements of Supervisors, and Managers who wish to take on a supervisory role in the private dog sector and have little or no experience of working with Dog Teams or as trained Handler.

It would also be suitable to Handlers moving into a supervisory role or those selling security dog services.
CERTIFICATION BODY NASDU – National Association of Security Dog Users


Meet our Head Trainer


I have extensive experience in dog training, currently serving as a Police General Purpose and Firearms Support Dog Handler in London, and as an NPCC Police Dog Instructor. I’m also a NASDU Level 2 and 3 General Purpose Dog Instructor and a Master Trainer in the Guild of Dog Trainers. My qualifications include a diploma in search dog services and various certifications in canine behavior. In 2019, my Malinois and I received the PDSA Order of Merit (canine OBE) for our role in the London Bridge terror attacks. My commitment is to provide the same high-quality training to all dogs, whether for security or personal protection, as those in the police force. With years of experience in diverse situations, I offer unparalleled situational and scenario-based training. Having trained and sold dogs to families worldwide, I am confident that no one is more qualified or trusted to support you and your dog on this journey.


Frequently Asked Questions
NASDU is the National Association of Security Dog Users, they are the leading provider of recognised courses and  qualifications for all types of dog work, from security, drugs and explosive search to search and rescue.
It’s important to have the correct licences in place to be able to work within the security industry, at this time a valid SIA licence and a recognised industry dog licence is required.  NASDU are the country’s leading provider of licences for security dogs.

This varies depending on the course you wish to undertake, for security dogs there are two main levels.  Level 2 requires the team to undertake a minimum of 60 hours learning.  The level 3 course is 150 hours guided learning.

HABC – The NASDU Level 2 and 3 Certificate for a General Purpose Security Dog Handler is endorsed by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) who are a recognised and regulated awarding organisation with OFQUAL, SQA and the SIA.
 • Endorsement certificate from HABC shall be for the Handler (lifetime achievement)
• NASDU certificate shall also be as a Team i.e. Handler & Dog (12 month expiry)
It is advisable to complete monthly CT, this keeps you up to date on changes in the law, it also bakes you to progress and push your teams working capabilities.  Complacency is a dog handlers worst trait.