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Master the Art of Dog Training

Dog Trainer Course

We offer a unique and completely stand alone package for those wanting to become trainers. A structured 12 month programme dedicated to hands on learning. We are believers in ‘experience teaches’ and as such have created this programme to take those who currently work with dogs and develop those skills and focus them into the world of training. Our trainers package takes you through the current systems of dog education, the theory behind training, current principles and methods of conditioning through to understanding the industry you wish to progress into. We tailor the course specifically for your needs and make sure that in the 12 months you are with us you learn all you can from our staff and dogs.
Protecton Dogs

Becoming a dog trainer

This seems like a full commitment, however the course is ran at your pace, you give as much of your time as possible to achieve your goal. We build you a portfolio of evidence and track your learning across various online courses as well as practical learning and hands on training. Nothing beats practical experience and so our complete client base is at your disposal.

British College of Canine Studies level 4 PETbc Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma

Graduates will receive the British College of Canine Studies Level 4 PETbc Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma, certifying expertise in advanced canine behavior and professional dog training.

Level 3 Award in Education and Training (formerly PTILLS)

Graduates will receive the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (formerly PTLLS), certifying their ability to effectively educate and train others in canine behavior and training techniques.


We will assist you in unlocking your potential and steer you in the direction you wish to go, be this security dog training or search and rescue, canine behaviour to pet related issues, we have you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions

In a nut shell you’ll spend 12 months alongside our training team, you’ll have access to the dogs we see and train, you’ll learn all the current training practices regarding imprinting and development, you will also undertake the college of canine science level 4 behaviour course and the nationally recognised level 3 AET (PTILLS) which allows you to teach in the adult sector.

That’s fine we understand that everyone has a life and honour course is tailored to the time you can give, there is no pressure from us and you can progress at your own rate.

We train all breeds and see all kinds of issues and behaviours, we also specialise in security and personal protection.  We also train the three main disciplines for search and rescue, these being, human remains detection, open area live person search and man trailing and tracking.
As with any involvement with dog training there is always a risk, these are animals with independent thought and natural drives.  We make sure that all health and safety and risk assessments are briefed before every session and all our team are qualified in first aid just incase.
Will this help me to move into my own dog training business ?
Absolutely it will, you’ll have three experience and the tools, along with the required qualifications to progress into your own niche, be this behaviour, aggression, obedience, general training or specialised training or all of the above