Belgian malinois

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized, highly intelligent, and versatile working dog breed originating from Belgium. Bred primarily for herding, the Malinois is known for its agility, strength, and endurance, which have made it a popular choice among law enforcement, military, and search and rescue organizations worldwide. Physical Attributes:The Belgian Malinois stands between 22-26 inches …

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Elisa and Zela


Zela is a two-year old Belgium Malinois and is a level two trained National Association of Security User’s trained security dog and undertakes regular monthly training to maintain that standard. Training involves searching for suspects, property and will protect the handler through the use of a controlled bite. She enjoys working, learning new skills and …

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Dan and Kenzo


Kenzo, a six-year-old Belgian Shepherd, was acquired from Poland at the age of seven months. Since his acquisition, training has been a constant and integral aspect of his life. Kenzo serves as a highly proficient Security Guard Dog and has consistently demonstrated unwavering loyalty and commitment to his duty. He has proven himself reliable and …

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