Mark and Loki


Loki is from the Jack X Jill breeding and has quality genetics making him the perfect dog for personal protection, sports and security work.  At only 7 months old he is flying through his learning programme and we’ll on the way to achieving great things. A powerhouse Dutch Herder with typical breed traits means with …

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Freya, a Belgian Shepherd, is a dog with an exceptionally high temperament. Her dedication to the role of a guardian is undeniable, and her strong protective instinct makes her feel responsible for the safety of her handler and the territory she cares for. Her ability to focus on biting is impressive, allowing her to respond …

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Mike and Hera


Hera is a 2 year old Belgium malinois, she is a level 3 trained security dog licensed under the National Association of Security Dog Users.  She is trained to be able to work independently of her handler meaning for tasks such as building clearance the handler is afforded maximum protection.  She is trained to complete …

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Seb and Eve


Eve has enormous potential.She is a 2 year old,  healthy german shepherd female. Dual purpose dog,  very good at sport trials as well as in security industry. She possesses a clear and balanced head is extremely social towards people and other animals.As expected from a duel purpose dog she is very high in pray and …

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Elisa and Zela


Zela is a two-year old Belgium Malinois and is a level two trained National Association of Security User’s trained security dog and undertakes regular monthly training to maintain that standard. Training involves searching for suspects, property and will protect the handler through the use of a controlled bite. She enjoys working, learning new skills and …

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Dan and Kenzo


Kenzo, a six-year-old Belgian Shepherd, was acquired from Poland at the age of seven months. Since his acquisition, training has been a constant and integral aspect of his life. Kenzo serves as a highly proficient Security Guard Dog and has consistently demonstrated unwavering loyalty and commitment to his duty. He has proven himself reliable and …

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