Unleashing the Ultimate Personal Protection Dogs:
Selecting & Training Your personal guardian.

Breed Matters
Choose Wisely Explore top-tier breeds such as German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, and Dobermans, renowned for their unwavering loyalty, intelligence, and physical prowess. These powerhouse breeds offer unparalleled protection and companionship, making them the go-to choice for personal security.
A Natural Protector A personal protection dog must have a balanced temperament, showcasing confidence, loyalty, and an innate ability to distinguish between threats and non-threats. We tilize professional temperament evaluations to ensure your canine companion is born to protect.
From Puppy to Protector
Our specialized training program, focusing on obedience, socialization, and threat recognition. Our expert trainers will skillfully develop your dog’s innate protective instincts while maintaining a well-mannered demeanor.


NASDU - Ntipdu - Guild of dog trainers (Master Trainer) - LEVEL 4 AdvCanBhv - PDSA Order of Merit

Craig EVO K9


I have been involved with the training of dogs for.many years, I am currently a Police General Purpose and Firearms Support Dog Handler in London and a NPCC Police dog instructor.  I am also a NASDU level 2 and 3 General Purpose dog instructor and am recorded in the Guild of Dog Trainers as a Master Trainer.  I hold various qualifications for canine behaviour and have a diploma in search dog services. In 2019 myself and my work malinois were awarded the PDSA Order of Merit (canine OBE) for the terror attacks on London Bridge.  I have worked in the industry for a long time and I have the ethos of making sure all dogs that come to me, for security or personal protection recieve the same quality of training that those in the Police recieve.  
Having worked my dogs over the years in nearly all situations I can bring situational and scenario based training that won’t be found anywhere in the country.
Having trained and sold dogs to numerous family’s across the world I believe there is no one more qualified or trusted to support you and your dog on this journey.


Daniel is a highly experienced and skilled dog handler with over 7 years of experience. He has worked in high-risk situations with his dog Kenzo, who is trained to handle any pressure situation. Daniel is also a dog security trainer and specializes in high puppy performance obedience, behaviors, and socialization.
Daniel has a deep understanding of dog behavior and psychology, which he uses to help dogs develop into well-rounded and well-behaved pets. He has a keen eye for detail and is dedicated to ensuring that every dog he works with reaches their full potential.
As a teacher and mentor to other dog handlers, Daniel is an expert in teaching handlers how to react in high-pressure situations, including home invasions, personal protection, and guard dog training. He is a valuable asset to any team or organization that requires the services of a skilled and experienced dog handler and trainer.
Overall, Daniel’s passion for dog training, his years of experience, and his exceptional skills make him one of the best in his field. He is committed to providing the best possible care and training to every dog he works with and is an invaluable asset to the world of dog handling and training.
Dan and Kenzo

Consistent Reinforcement: Maintain Peak Performance

Continual reinforcement and practice are essential to keep your dog’s skills sharp. Regular training sessions with our certified professionals ensure your personal protection dog remains at the zenith of its abilities.

Unleash the Power of K9 Protection: Train Your Dog to Safeguard Your Home and Loved Ones

Safeguard Your Home and Loved Ones

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Customization: Tailored Protection

Work closely with our expert trainers to design a personalized protection plan, aligning your dog’s skills with your unique security needs. This bespoke approach guarantees a seamless integration of your canine guardian into your lifestyle.

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Safeguard Your Home and Loved Ones

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German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Belgian Malinois are commonly used breeds, however some other breeds can be just as good.

 Security dogs undergo rigorous training to learn obedience, scent detection, and apprehension techniques.

Security dogs are well-suited for large outdoor areas, such as construction sites, warehouses, and industrial parks.

A guard dog is typically trained to protect a specific area or property, while a security dog is trained to detect and apprehend intruders.

Safeguard Your Home and Loved Ones

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