Freya, a Belgian Shepherd, is a dog with an exceptionally high temperament. Her dedication to the role of a guardian is undeniable, and her strong protective instinct makes her feel responsible for the safety of her handler and the territory she cares for.

Her ability to focus on biting is impressive, allowing her to respond precisely to situations that require intervention. However, her obedience is equally impressive, as Freya has mastered obedience in the context of biting during training, responding only to appropriate signals and commands.

Additionally, Freya is a good search dog. Her innate tracking instinct enables her to locate both people and objects left within the territory she guards. Her commitment to searching is incredibly strong, and her determination and focus allow her to effectively follow trails and find missing individuals or items.

Freya is undoubtedly an irreplaceable member of the family who not only ensures safety but also serves as a loyal and devoted companion. Her skills and temperament make her an excellent guard dog and an extremely valuable member of the K9 team.