Independent canine evaluation for the courts

We offer a full and open report on any dog facing legal proceedings. Examinations and behavioural assesments with full written reports and court appearance if necessary.

We have the experience, qualifications and confidence regarding dog bites and legislation and are able to advise the court regarding issues connected to behaviour

Our service gives you peace of mind knowing that an independent, professional and expert opinion on your dog is included in your case.

Although instructed by yourselves or your legal team, the report is independent and truthful and gives the court members clarity on the dog involved in your case.

We are experts in the current legislation surrounding dangerous dogs, dog bites and other issues and have correct working knowledge of the various laws surrounding dogs in the United Kingdom.

We specialise in :

Dangerous dog assessments throughout the UK

Dog breed Identification

Expert witness in dog bites

Expert witness in dog behaviour cases

Appearance in court as a dog expert witness

Dog assessments for fostering and adoption

Behavioural reports

We also work with cases under the various acts below :

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Dangerous Dog (Amendment) Act 1997 & 2014

Section 1 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Section 3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Section 4A Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Section 4B Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Section 2 Dogs Act 1871

Protection of Livestock Act 1953

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Animals Act 1971


You or your solicitor will contact me and provide me with a summary of information regarding the case. Where required, I will provide initial advice for the best course of action to follow.


 I submit my fees for approval (both private and Legal Aid funded cases). I will provide a detailed quotation.

Legal Instructions

 Your solicitor will send me written legal instructions, together with all evidence relating to the case, which could be photos, video, medical reports, character references for the dog and witness statements.


 I will undertake an assessment of your dog in its current location, this may be the home or in secure police compounds or dog kennels this is done by arrangement with the relevant police force and a dog legislation officer. This can be a temperament assessment and or a breed type identification.


 I will liaise with the police, solicitors and the owner, so as to bring together all the relevant points in the defence of the dog and owner.

Court Attendance

 If the case goes to court, I attend as a Dog Expert Witness and give evidence in support of the written report and video. This service is unique as an independent expert does not represent the defence or prosecution, it is there to provide the dog with representation. It allows members of the court to best understand the dog in front of them.